Do not tell them it’s the past. For them, it may be present in their minds

In our daily routine, we see and hear about many incidents of human rights violations. Cases of domestic violence and child sexual abuse are especially distressing. Whenever I hear about such an incident, a deep wave of anger raises into my heart which leaves me sorrowful. I recently met a boy who was sexually abused by his uncle. Let him tell his story in his words.


“I am a student of medical sciences and live in Lahore, Pakistan. I do not know if I can actually tell you what I have experienced during my childhood but let me try.

My parents were going out of city for some urgent work. They left me at my uncle’s home. My uncle was a 60 years old man. All family members respected him a lot.

One day he asked me to come to his room at night to watch some movie. While watching the movie, I fell asleep on his bed. Next morning when I got up, I felt pain in my body. I slowly came to the realise that I had been abused by my uncle. I felt so scared and also very lost. I just quietly went to school. Many days passed but I remained disturbed and stressed, I did not know what to do. Then I decided to tell my best friend what had happened to me. When I told him, he assured me that he would remain by my side and would support me in every situation.

Next day my friend came home with me and exposed my uncle in front of all my family members. While the rest of the family refused to accept that such a thing could have happened, my parents believed me. My uncle became furious, he said that he would shoot me because I was lying. My parents told him to get out of their house and never show his face to them again. both my parents and my friend made me feel accepted and told me not to be afraid of anyone because being abused was not my fault.

Somehow the story of my abuse went viral in my school. Different people showed different reactions. Some friends supported me while other friends left me because they thought that I was not a good boy. I decided that I will have to be accepted because being abused was not my fault. People around me have to accept the realities of life. This could have happened to anyone. I refused to blame myself.

We have to support those young peoples who report abuse because they have enough courage to expose the perpetrators. Their courage also means that they can prevent this from happening to someone else.

I am happy that I have many good friends who helped and supported me in bad time. It is part of my life and still present in my mind. But I refuse to let it affect my life.”

By: Fareeha Javed

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Do not tell them it’s the past. For them, it may be present in their minds