What are some common questions that young children ask and how to answer them?

When children reach the ages of 3-6, it is then that they become more aware of their own bodies as well as the physical features of people around them. As they are completely innocent during this time, they may often ask you direct questions about how kids are born, questions about their body parts etc.


Also the impact of media and surroundings also makes young kids very curious about such matters. They may see a kissing or romantic scene on TV and ask you about it or see a pregnant woman and ask you how did the baby get in there.

Answering these questions the smart way with tact is very important. You can’t give them too much information, and also not withdraw a lot of truth because they will keep asking you or someone else if they aren’t satisfied. Also, children of these ages are also most prone to abuse and inappropriate behavior from strangers or even people they know, Therefore, it is very important to educate and teach kids about what’s wrong and how they should react in case someone tries to do something wrong with them, touches them inappropriately etc.

What Questions they May Ask?

Little kids ask very basic questions, and the answers don’t need to be too elaborate yet convincing enough.

Where do babies come from?

Babies come in mummy’s tummy when mummy and daddy decide to bring a new brother and sister for you to play with. This baby stays in mummy’s belly safe and secure for 9 months as it is very delicate. And then mummy will go to a doctor and she will get it out and the baby will live with us.

(Pointing at your breasts or their own private parts) - What is this? Why is my sister not like me?

This is a breast - women have breasts so they can feed their young babies.Women and men have different bodies. A boy has different private parts and a girl has different private parts. You should keep them hidden and not let anyone see them or touch them okay?

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What are some common questions that young children ask and how to answer them?