What should I tell my daughter before she gets married?

While it is true that talking about sexual matters is considered taboo in most homes, a family member such as the mother or sister should make it a point to educate young girls about these things as soon as she reaches the right age at which she should get married.


What should you tell a girl when she comes of age about sexuality and reproductive health? How to start and carry on a conversation without making it too awkward? Where can she go for expert advice and guidance if she is wondering whether she is physically fit to get married?

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It is ingrained in our society that the idea of talking about sex is established as something dirty and shameful. But the question is, if you don’t talk about it at all, how are young people going to learn anything about it? While young men and boys get this information from somewhere, somehow, women and girls have mostly no idea of what is going to happen once they get married. A majority of marriages are also arranged in our society, and the idea of getting intimate with a complete stranger is, therefore, scary for young girls. Sex is also seen as just a way of giving birth, although it can actually be pleasurable and enjoyable for both men and women and this is nothing to be ashamed about.

Family planning

Teach your daughters about sexual intercourse, and also about using protection and birth control. Getting pregnant without planning can not only be stressful for a young mother but also increase chances of complications and health issues after conceiving. Plus, with little gap between kids, it becomes too difficult for the young mother to take care of them and herself in the right way. Encourage young girls to talk about these concerns freely with their husbands and also accompany them to health care centres that provide information and guidance on barrier methods and birth control products and pills.

Sexual Health

Infections in the genital regions can affect both married and unmarried women, and more than 50% of women also experience irregularity in periods or PCOS at some part of their life which may increase chances of complications in pregnancy. Talk with an air of friendliness, and ask your daughters if they are having any such issues. A lot of girls wonder if they are fit and healthy to get married and are just scared to talk it out loud with even their closest relatives.

You can also call on the numbers below to visit a clinic near you for any kind of medical treatment and advice on sexual and reproductive health. To get confidential advice on your phone. just message ASK with your name, city and age and send it to 8398.All questions and your details are kept private at all times.

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What should I tell my daughter before she gets married?